Where to buy pieces of beautiful art for an affordable price

Buying art used to be a very exclusive matter, open only to those with large pockets and who had the right connections, but luckily for us, there is plenty of art for sale that is both affordable, delivered to you, and looks amazing. Here are the best places to go looking.

Where to buy pieces of beautiful art for an affordable price

Society 6

Society 6 is a huge online marketplace that has everything from contemporary work to vintage pieces. There are prints, wall tapestries, printed canvases, custom jobs, frames, and framed prints as well as a wide range of other types of art. It is known to have lots of unusual and quirky items and can also be used to sell some of your work if need be. They even have other home goods to make rooms look great! It’s easy to browse for artists or styles and searching for specific colors and anything else is just a few clicks away.


This website is especially full of great artists and portfolios of work to choose from. Most are cheap, look gorgeous and all original pieces. There are also lots of other handmade items as well as the usual stuff like prints, paintings, and virtual stuff too (if you want to print it yourself), all of which can be unframed or framed. The store also has other products for general home decoration. Overall, Etsy is a great store for everything art-related and it’s super affordable.

Saatchi Art

Just choose the price and style you want, and Saatchi Art will show thousands of items that meet the criteria worldwide. There are some items that are even in the middle range and there are even limited-edition prints, so they are very sought after, sometimes less than $100. They have a lot of fine art items but there are also hundreds of pieces from hundreds of artists, so for this website there is something for everybody.

Absolut Art

Absolut Art is a website that is absolutely full of beautiful art from across the globe. It’s easy to find anything as there is a “sort by price” and “sort by artist” option making shopping here a breeze. They do tend to have more contemporary work and abstract pieces, but also have music-inspired art, photography, fashion illustrations, and even have a newsletter to keep in touch with their buyers so they can get the best deals on everything.

Urban Outfitters

This may not be where most people would think to buy art from, but they are actually full of unique and pretty pieces. They have a great collection of hundreds of prints that come in almost every size you could need, and they are guaranteed to have something you’ll like. There is also removable and permanent wallpaper, framed items, decorative curtains, wall hangings, and everything else one needs to hang or display art.

Where to buy pieces of beautiful art for an affordable price


From photo gifts to holiday cards and great art, Minted has it all. They have a huge variety of original artworks by countless artists in all sizes with frames or without. There are also custom canvas bags, customizable quotes, poems and vows, frames, pillows, notebooks, chairs, clothes, and so much more all for great prices. Minted is also quite active on social media so you can always get a heads up on the best deals and art before they go out of stock.